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Cloud Cloth

Cloud Cloth

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Organic cotton Cleansing Cloths. Made in UK

CloudCloth® was born from a desire to change the way we do beauty and make it more sustainable.

We are part of a movement towards more mindful consumerism in 3 important ways:

We create multi-use products that can be enjoyed long-term.

We've adopted a sourcing policy that works in partnership with local, UK-based manufacturers and suppliers wherever possible.

CloudCloth® is committed to helping create a sustainable future for our environment by providing an alternative to disposables. Our packaging is produced carbon neutral, printed on 100% recycled stock using vegetable based inks and solar power. A craft process is used to create the unique opulant metallic letterpress on the front of the packs by EMAS accredited GenerationPress (1 of only 11 in the UK).

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Curated with you in mind.

Our collection both in store & online has been hand-picked & curated by our founder Claire. Planet & people are always at the root of our decisions.

We're so proud to have created a community with access to the best of the best in way of nourishing, self care focused & planet conscious products.

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