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Manasi7 - Skin Enhancer Organic Formula

Manasi7 - Skin Enhancer Organic Formula

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The Wallpaper* design awards nominated Skin enhancer is an organic all–in-one customizable foundation, concealer, eye primer and highlighter with great coverage and is created for an enhanced beyond perfection that lasts all day. It has been designed to mix-and-match to create the ideal colour for your skin tone as it changes from season to season. Used by itself it can be used as a concealer or a medium to high coverage foundation. It can also be mixed with Botanical Face oil Armonia for usage as lighter foundation or sheer tint. This will sheer it out, resulting in a more natural, dewy finish. A little goes a long way, so just adding a tiny drop of Botanical Face oil Armonia into the Skin enhancer before mixing and applying, works wonders. There really is no right or wrong way to mix products, it’s about whatever your skin needs in the moment. This silky formula glides on smoothly and evenly and dries quickly to a semi-matte finish. Once blended completely and allowed to dry, the Skin enhancer will melt into your skin for a flawless look. Mix and match the shades if you wish to build your own customized perfect shade. The product gives medium to high coverage depending on if you mix it or not and a little goes a very long way. Please note that this formula is fragrance free and has a very natural scent that comes from the raw materials of the organic oils and mineral pigments. Since our products are made with natural delicate ingredients this can sometimes allow for subtle variations in batches during production. Vegan formula.

Size: 17g

Finish: Satin

How to use: Make sure to prep and prime you skin before using the Skin enhancer. If you prefer to use it as a concealer apply a very small amount of product and place on the hand. Blend into desired area with your fingers or a brush. Add more product if needed, to achieve desired coverage. Mix Botanical Face Oil Armonia to use it as a foundation or for achieving less coverage and added glow. For creating your custom made shade, apply a very small amount of your main choice of shade. Place it on your hand then add a drop of Eburnean to lighten up or Jamocha to darken. Mix the products until you achieve perfection. Apply and blend into desired area with your fingers or a brush. As a highlighter you may create a shade that is one shade lighter than your skin tone. If you prefer to use it on your body, mix with your favourite body oil or balm and apply where needed. Preferred application technique – Fingertips.

Foundation/concealer brush or wet beauty sponge for a more sheer application. Tips on mixing for different skin tones:

  • Fair - Mix Sarcoline and Eburnean
  • Light – Mix Sarcoline and Eburnean
  • Light to medium - Sarcoline
  • Medium – Mix Sarcoline or Beechwood with Eburnean
  • Medium to dark - Beechwood
  • Dark – Mix Beechwood and Jamocha
  • Deep – Jamocha

Ingredients: Certified Organic Jojoba oil and Macadamia seed oil.


  • Multi use for: Face, cheeks and body.
  • Details: Semi-matte to matte finish, customizable and buildable coverage.
  • Shelf life unopened: Min 12 months.
  • Shelf life opened: 6 months.
  • Storage: Avoid direct sunlight or near sources of heat. Tightly close lids on products when they are not in use.
  • Note: Since our products are made with natural delicate ingredients this can sometimes allow for subtle variations during production which means the shades can differ slightly from batch to batch.
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