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Palm of Feronia - August Nectar Parfum 50ml

Palm of Feronia - August Nectar Parfum 50ml

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The scent of the season for sun-saluting summer-lovers.

A limited edition summer unisex fragrance of just one hundred bottles. Blended under the light of the full flower moon and infused for one lunar cycle to enrich the fragrance profile.

Masterfully blended and beautifully balanced, this sun-drenched potion harmonises the darker, heavier scents of musk and sensual blue cypress with the lighter, finer fragrances of citrus peel and provençal flowers.

Base notes of blue cypress — a pool of dark pleasure, cool waters and lilypads on the lake. Smoky, sultry and deep.

Mid-notes of musk and sweet spiced pink hinoki wood — the velvet fug of thunder and musk and summer storms. Sensual, full-bodied and primal.

Top notes of red mandarin — the pulse of desire, salt-drips of sweat down the back of the neck. Clean and sharp and tangy.

Infused with Sunstone for joy, positivity and vitality, combined with a Red Jasper cap for grounding and confidence.


Organic cane alcohol denat, parfum including organic essential oils. Naturally occurring allergens: limonene, linalool. 94% natural ingredients.

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