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Self Care Co Essential Oil Reed Diffuser 200ml

Self Care Co Essential Oil Reed Diffuser 200ml

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Hand-crafted, 100 % plant-based, essential oil reed diffusers to scent your home in the most natural way.

UPLIFTING - May Chang and Rosemary – Refreshing and rejuvenating.

CALM - Lavender and Orange - Signature bedtime blend

FLORAL - Rose and Bergamot – The ultimate self-care candle.

REFRESH - Eucalyptus + Peppermint - Refreshing and rejuvenating scents in your home.

Scents inspired by nature.

100% vegan friendly

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Curated with you in mind.

Our collection both in store & online has been hand-picked & curated by our founder Claire. Planet & people are always at the root of our decisions.

We're so proud to have created a community with access to the best of the best in way of nourishing, self care focused & planet conscious products.

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