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Tenth Muse Solid Perfume

Tenth Muse Solid Perfume

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Our chic, refillable metal compact is your new best friend. Have your perfume at your fingertips wherever you are as the compact is perfect for on-the-go top ups throughout the day. Each compact also has a luxury weighted feel and is made from high quality, durable materials made to last.

Made with shea butter, coconut oil, beeswax, vitamin E, fragrance & essential oils.

We are committed to using only natural and organic ingredients in our products. Our products are safe, effective, and eco-friendly, providing numerous benefits for your skin without exposing them to harmful toxins.

Our solid perfumes are alcohol-free and cruelty-free, only containing skin-loving ingredients.

When your scent is finished, or you just want to switch things up, our magnetic compact makes it easy to refill or mix and match fragrances.

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Curated with you in mind.

Our collection both in store & online has been hand-picked & curated by our founder Claire. Planet & people are always at the root of our decisions.

We're so proud to have created a community with access to the best of the best in way of nourishing, self care focused & planet conscious products.

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