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Tenth Muse Solid Perfume refill

Tenth Muse Solid Perfume refill

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Our refillable compact allows you to experiment with different scents without creating more waste. You can also easily swap out your scent based on your mood.

While reducing waste it is also more cost-effective for you. Rather than purchasing a new product each time you want to switch up your scent, our refill system allows you to simply refill your existing compact.



Remove your refill from its envelope (make sure to keep your envelope to store your refills while not in use!)


If your compact contains an empty refill tin, remove this and insert the new refill. Our refill pans are made from aluminium which is 100% recyclable and can be used time and time again


Once your compact is refilled enjoy using it to refresh your scent or glow on-the-go

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